Gamification (including social media) for team development


I start this post to present the evolution of our collaborative project regard gamification in team development. This post will be kept in English to facilitate collaboration of our colleagues from Creativity, Innovation and Change course held by Coursera and Pennsylvania State University.

If you enjoy to collaborate with as, you are welcome. All you must do is to leave a replay on this post and subscribe on it. We will be kept on track.

13 September 2013

Exploration stage

Goal / Mission statement

Develop three games (running on hard game or computer, web, iOS, Android) with social media component in order to rase specific knowledge, abilities and behaviors for team members in different team stages.

Starting point
  • defending the knowledge, abilities and behaviors needed for each team evolution stage (forming, perfroming and creativity (like a special form of team in performing)).
  • identifying those three types of experiences for each kind of teams involved. The experiences must have individual actions and team actions.
  • identifying the way social media influence learning by plaing.
  • build the flow of events for games.
  • web / app development.

The challenges that I can see in this moment are linked to difficulty to put specific experiences in a computer program (artistic design and programming).

Resources needed

The resource that I needed in this moment are:

  • trainers for teams
  • programmers
  • graphic designers for artistic design or applications.

Gamification for team development – Exploration